About Us

The changing economic environment is creating more challenges and new opportunities. Escalatus can work with you to secure the competitive edge necessary for success.We work with leading clients, including businesses, municipalities and non-profit organizations. What unites our clients is a commitment to growth and success. We can navigate through rough terrain and work together on:

  • Optimization and efficiency
  • Strategic plans and assessments
  • Turnarounds
  • Crisis management
  • Performance management and compensation
  • Organizational structure and governance
  • Project management and pricing
  • Research projects
    • Management and staff feedback
    • Client interviews
    • Competition
    • Market attractiveness
    • Economic conditions
    • Funding sources
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Escalatus works with clients on optimization and efficiency initiatives, strategic planning, turnarounds, crisis management, performance management and compensation, governance, project management and pricing.

Our services also include interim leadership and management.  In addition, we also conduct research projects, notably in-depth management, staff and client interviews as well as studies focused on competition, market attractiveness and economic conditions.

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How We Work

Our approach to engagements is creative, collaborative, respectful and informed by experience.  The ultimate goal of all of our engagements is to enable client success.  In particular, we work:

  • Creatively.  We approach each engagement with an open mind rather than with a solution looking for a problem.
  • Collaboratively.  We find that the best results are achieved when we work closely with our client to develop the most effective approach – one that is “owned” by the client.
  • Frankly.  Uncomfortable truths must be addressed and understood to ensure longer term success.
  • Realistically.  To ensure success, recommended strategies should be achievable.
  • Respectfully.  Our clients are smart, leaders in their fields and have or are building great organizations.
  • Knowledgeably.  We offer clients deep knowledge that comes from multi-industry experience.
  • Efficiently.  We are careful, work smartly and are punctual.  We believe that meetings with clients should be productive and timely.
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