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20110807-GlacierPanorama-2Escalatus offers clients a wide range of custom, high-impact consulting services.  Our approach is analytical and based on facts.  Recommendations are designed to deliver achievable results.

Our firm serves businesses, municipalities and nonprofits that are committed to success and efficiency.  We also advise professional services firms.



Our consulting services include:

  • Efficiency and optimization diagnostic reviews and in-depth studies
  • Turnaround guidance
  • Organization-wide and unit strategic plans and assessments
  • Crisis management
  • Performance management and compensation
  • Advice on governance
  • General advice
  • Pricing and project management
  • In-depth client and prospect interviews and surveys
  • Market research and evaluation


How We Work

Our approach to engagements is creative, collaborative, respectful and informed by experience.  The ultimate goal of all of our engagements is to enable client success.  In particular, we work:

  • Creatively.  We approach each engagement with an open mind rather than with a solution looking for a problem.
  • Collaboratively.  We find that the best results are achieved when we work closely with our client to develop the most effective approach – one that is “owned” by the client.
  • Frankly.  Uncomfortable truths must be addressed and understood to ensure longer term success.
  • Realistically.  To ensure success, recommended strategies should be achievable and reflect reality.
  • Respectfully.  Our clients are smart, leaders in their fields and have or are building great organizations.
  • Knowledgeably.  We offer clients deep knowledge that comes from multi-industry experience.
  • Efficiently.  We are careful, work smartly and are punctual.  We believe that meetings with clients should be productive and timely.

Thomas Grant, Principal

P14Tom is a strategy consultant with more than 20 years of experience. Tom’s background includes efficiency initiatives, turnarounds, strategy, crisis management, business development and leadership. In addition, Tom has counseled clients on a wide range of topics including process optimization, cash flow management, fund raising, structure, best practices, profitability and pricing arrangements.

Professional Experience

Before setting up the Firm, Tom was Director and led the US Professional Services Firm Strategy practice for a large international consulting firm.  Earlier, Tom was Director of Business Development and Strategy for a top U.S. law firm, where he led strategy, business development and practice management in the financial services area. Experience prior to that includes strategy consulting with McKinsey & Company, where Tom served Fortune 200, government and regulatory clients.

Examples of experience include:

  • Efficiency optimization studies
  • Operational turnaround for a non-profit
  • Implementation of a cash flow management plan
  • Advice on organizational structure and governance
  • Comprehensive strategic reviews for large businesses
  • Development and execution of strategic plans for business creation and expansion, including talent acquisition and on-boarding initiatives
  • Leadership of business unit operations and special projects
  • Evaluation of industry market trends, client needs and competition
  • In-depth client and prospect interviews
  • Pricing and project management
  • Facilitation of marketing and communications strategy, including re-branding, profile-building and RFP oversight

In addition to his consulting experience, Tom founded and led an independent equity research firm focused on institutions with mandated third-party research requirements. Prior to consulting, Tom was with Salomon Brothers and CLSA Global Emerging Markets in Asia and Latin America, where he led global sector research teams and geographic expansion initiatives.


Master of Business Administration, Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia

Bachelor of Arts, Davidson College


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